What PAX Means to Me

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Twas the night after PAX,
And all the gaming sites were asleep,
Exhibitors and con-goers made nary a peep.
Passed out from exhaustion, on the bed or the floor,
Unable to stay conscious, even though they wished for more.

You see, PAX is unique,
It’s an atmosphere, full of energy and hype,
Like the very first time you saw Mario slide down a pipe.
Wherever it’s held, it’s the geek Mecca, a place of Nerdvana,
Where gamers can frolick amongst digital flora and fauna.

PAX is the best place for our culture,
With all the booths, merch, and games
And so many Kodak moments, not even speedrunners could save enough frames.
It’s so awesome to have the fans, friends, and developers here,
And we flock here in droves, as if it’s ingrained in our telomeres.

At PAX, all games are welcome,
Especially those with elves, dwarves, and dice,
We’ll take them back to our hotels with friends, and play them all night.
Recalling the adventures of Jim and Aeofel
And remember laughing when Al couldn’t get out of a pit well.

PAX is truly amazing,
You can feel it the moment you walk through the door,
Full of panels and Q & A’s with spanghew, rap battles, and Angeline Petrichor.
And have them streamed to the internet, for those who can’t attend,
So even if they aren’t there, you can share with your friends.

So much to do at PAX,
From talking to devs, and playing games that aren’t released,
To spending lots of time at the Indie megabooth, because it’s always so sweet.
From taking pictures of cosplayers, and the latest in geek fashion,
To the concerts, where the bands and audience rock the house with their passion.

PAX has a special place in my heart,
With all the experiences you’ll partake in, and things to try,
And all the feelings you’ll have makes it hard to keep your eyes dry.
If PAX was on all the time, I never would roam,
But still be brought to tears every time by the Enforcer’s signs that say, “Welcome home!”

PAX is one of the best times of my life,
You meet new friends, listen to new music, and play new games,
And no matter what you like, no one is ever shamed.
After 4 days, your feet will feel like going on strike,
But you’ll still give all the thanks you have to Jerry & Mike
And of course, the man who makes things happen, the great Robert Khoo,
And each and every one of the Penny Arcade crew.


Arcade Sona and Riot Graves contest

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I want to know what’s best about being a nerd. What is your favourite thing about being a nerd? Use hashtag #nglol
Since I have two Riot Graves and one Arcade Sona, if any go over the top you’ll get Sona. The rest will just be random. As long as you enter, you have a chance to win. And this site/stream is still really small, so you have a good chance to win. Make a video, make a poem, tell a story. If there are any particularly interesting entries, I’ll pick out a few and do on a show on them, maybe even get you on.

I could just do a “RT this message to win!” to follower whore and basically be a glorified vending machine, but I’d rather hear from you all. If no one enters, I have friends who want the codes, so if the contest flops, I still won’t do a “RT this message to win” thing. So please enter!

I am moving today, so this contest will run for 1 week, or until I get my internet turned on at my new place, whatever comes last. So at least until Sunday September 16.

Catch the live show here

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Watch live video from nerdsandgeekery on www.twitch.tv

We’re back! And with PAX Coverage!

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Sorry for the lack of everything lately. Had to find a place to live, and get stuff (like a passport) ready for PAX. I’m moving next weekend, but am going to try and get everything up. Unfortunately I apparently fail at taking pictures and video with my phone, so everything is the wrong orientation, so there’ll be some odd resolutions. Totally my fault. Going to try and fix it best I can. Most of the pictures are of the better League of Legends Cosplay, and you can also expect a post dedicated to the NA Regionals. And impressions of Borderlands 2, Planetside 2, Natural Selection 2 (lots of 2′s o.O) and of Firefall. Look forward to it!

EXP Restaurant and Bar

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First off, I’m sorry for not writing about this sooner. But here’s a friend of mine who’s trying to do something wonderful for gamers.

As many more Barcrafts are coming to many more cities around the globe, the idea of a bar for gamers is becoming more and more prevalent. Which is where EXP Restaurant and Bar comes in. In Vancouver, BC he’s trying to open a bar that caters to the gaming community. Whether it’s Starcraft, or League, or Street Fighter, this is a place for you to watch and play your favourite games and knock back a drink or two.

The fundraiser is located right here. Please give if you can, anything helps. There are various contributor levels and rewards that can benefit you even if you don’t live in Vancouver. I want to see more and more of these types of bars everywhere, and have a place to go specifically for us. Please help that dream!