EXP Restaurant and Bar

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First off, I’m sorry for not writing about this sooner. But here’s a friend of mine who’s trying to do something wonderful for gamers.

As many more Barcrafts are coming to many more cities around the globe, the idea of a bar for gamers is becoming more and more prevalent. Which is where EXP Restaurant and Bar comes in. In Vancouver, BC he’s trying to open a bar that caters to the gaming community. Whether it’s Starcraft, or League, or Street Fighter, this is a place for you to watch and play your favourite games and knock back a drink or two.

The fundraiser is located right here. Please give if you can, anything helps. There are various contributor levels and rewards that can benefit you even if you don’t live in Vancouver. I want to see more and more of these types of bars everywhere, and have a place to go specifically for us. Please help that dream!


No Cast Nerd Recently

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Hey guys, sorry about the lack of Cast Nerd. Real life has gotten in the way. I am working on something a bit special to hopefully make up for it a little. So, sorry all, but we are still working on things and hope to be back in the swing of things shortly.