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Arcade Sona and Riot Graves contest

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I want to know what’s best about being a nerd. What is your favourite thing about being a nerd? Use hashtag #nglol
Since I have two Riot Graves and one Arcade Sona, if any go over the top you’ll get Sona. The rest will just be random. As long as you enter, you have a chance to win. And this site/stream is still really small, so you have a good chance to win. Make a video, make a poem, tell a story. If there are any particularly interesting entries, I’ll pick out a few and do on a show on them, maybe even get you on.

I could just do a “RT this message to win!” to follower whore and basically be a glorified vending machine, but I’d rather hear from you all. If no one enters, I have friends who want the codes, so if the contest flops, I still won’t do a “RT this message to win” thing. So please enter!

I am moving today, so this contest will run for 1 week, or until I get my internet turned on at my new place, whatever comes last. So at least until Sunday September 16.

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