EXP Restaurant and Bar

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First off, I’m sorry for not writing about this sooner. But here’s a friend of mine who’s trying to do something wonderful for gamers.

As many more Barcrafts are coming to many more cities around the globe, the idea of a bar for gamers is becoming more and more prevalent. Which is where EXP Restaurant and Bar comes in. In Vancouver, BC he’s trying to open a bar that caters to the gaming community. Whether it’s Starcraft, or League, or Street Fighter, this is a place for you to watch and play your favourite games and knock back a drink or two.

The fundraiser is located right here. Please give if you can, anything helps. There are various contributor levels and rewards that can benefit you even if you don’t live in Vancouver. I want to see more and more of these types of bars everywhere, and have a place to go specifically for us. Please help that dream!


Mass Effect 3 releases tomorrow!

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Between the quality of the last two games, and the demo which was awesome, and the new multiplayer being tons of fun, I thought I couldn’t be more hype for Mass Effect 3. Enter Alliance NewsNet. Mass Effect has always had good out-of-game content, and Twitter is an awesome format for this kind of stuff. Whoever does this is amazing.

Review: The Darkness II

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The Darkness was an oft-missed gem of an FPS based on a comic, which meant it actually had a story. It also had some rather unique mechanics that you just don’t find in your cookie cutter Call of Duty or similar game. So, does The Darkness II match up to its predecessor? Well, yes and no.

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Cast Nerd #22 – Castier and Nerdier

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Good news everyone! We’ve solved our hardware issue and now we can continue where we left off.

Today we bring you our impressions on the new Mass Effect 3 Demo released by Bioware. We’ll go over it’s ups, it’s paltry few downs, and a bit of banter in between.

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Early Skyrim Impressions

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Ah, Elder Scrolls, where 10 hours in is considered “early”. I’d have played more, but I got into the Old Republic beta test weekend. As much as I’d like to talk about that, I can’t until the drop the NDA.

So I’ll talk about Skyrim. Man, what an amazingly gorgeous game. It’s staggering how pretty it is. From magic animations, to snow-covered mountains, to dragons, everything but the people look awesome. Truly, the most beautiful game in history.

As far as the gameplay goes, it’s pretty standard fare from an Elder Scrolls game. Wielding a weapon and a spell at the same time is not a new concept, even to the Elder Scrolls series, but it feels really fresh. The story, while being set in the Elder Scrolls universe, is its own. So far I’ve barely even heard of daedra, or Oblivion gates, or really any of the stuff that was central to earlier games. If they are there, it’s background information. You sort of know what you’re getting into with an Elder Scrolls game by now though.

As much as I haven’t been super in depth about it, I’d totally recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy games, and building your own character. This game is going to be important. Like Jet Set Radio, like Okami, like Mario, like Zelda, like Final Fantasy, this game will be remembered for something significant. How it looks.